Japan’s Arai Ski Resort unveils new ski, zip lining, and tree adventure destination

Opened to the public in April, the Arai Ski Resort contains a total of 102 obstacle elements covering an area of 33.000 metres-squared. Designed by Japan’s Saido Landscape Design & built by Tandem Corporation, the resort is located in a forested area surrounding the former Primavera building.

There are eight different courses at various heights and levels of difficulty at the ski resort, and the zip line features three courses, with each line equipped with the Saferoller Continuous Belay System. Guests can also take a ride down the Yashiro River on The River Course.

With the resort being a new concept for the area, developers needed to have on-going, detailed discussion with the local municipality to receive approval. Challenges to development included the logging plan of the remaining forest for an extended period and the integration of the largest adventure park in Japan in a rich forest environment.

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