ITL unveils the NV12+ – compact validator & ticket printer

The NV12+ is the latest revolutionary ticketing product to be launched by Innovative Technology (ITL). A revolutionary compact ticket printer the NV12+ was created in collaboration with subsidiary company, Innoprint and combines ITL’s versatile NV9 USB+ banknote validator with a high performance printer unit, the NVR 280.

The NV12+’s modular design allows operators who currently use the NV9 USB+ to add ticketing functionality simply by purchasing the add-on NVR 280 printer unit. The unique compact ticketing system allows cash in, ticket in and ticket out capability. The unit also includes a high quality Seiko print mechanism to deliver consistent performance regardless of paper quality.

Paul Curley, Senior Business Development Manager, said “The NV12+ will appeal to a variety of customers in numerous industries looking to implement TITO. The unit allows convenient note or ticket customer payments and due to an unrestricted ticket print length operators can print end of day audits as well as single tickets. Our NV9 USB+ note validator is an extremely popular, field proven unit and with the rise in TITO implementation across the industry, the NV12+ is the ideal option for anyone looking to introduce ticketing capabilities. Our modular products allow customers to add ticketing to their existing note validators without having to invest in all new technology, something that no other products on the market can boast. ”

The NV12+ allows operators to implement both a note validator and ticket printer without sacrificing valuable machine space. The NV12+’s versatility is rooted in its modular design, combining note and ticketing capabilities. The validator offers a number of bezel and cashbox options to suit customer needs including large capacity stackers and a rainbow illumination effect bezel.

Chris Robinson, InnoPrint Development Director, “InnoPrint was founded in 2013 to create a range of high quality alternative ticketing solutions. The NV12+ is a collaboration between Innovative Technology and Innoprint, and is the first of many exciting ticketing products that will be developed in partnership between the two companies. TITO is a growing industry and as more and more operators look to adopt ticket printers within their machines we can offer innovative solutions.”

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