IPlayCO’s new TAG Active systems

IPlayCO’s new TAG Active combines the age-old game of physical tag by creating gamified decision points whereby the player must choose their own path and use their mind/agility/strength and overall abilities to collect points in a non-linear fashion to attain the individual or team high score.

Social media implementation aspects broaden the network of daily/weekly/monthly/yearly high scores and competitions that include “Cross-fit training”, intellectual ability, physical strength, teamwork, social integration, and individual cognitive abilities.

The specialized RFID Gamified technology within TAG Active is comparable to being immersed “into a high-tech video game sport or adventure game but with each player using their own body and mind rather than a digital character. Each player taps their personal RFID bracelet with the numerous Transponders to collect points of varying value based on difficulty but also determining if speed and ease of collection of lower points vs more difficult high scoring transponders will be their best way to attain the high score within each game ranging from 10 to 20 minutes.

Picture yourself “jumping and climbing” as high as you can avoiding obstacles, “bouncing and tagging” to collect coins or points while you decide your own unique pathway throughout the game but all the while within a “live action” Cross-fit/Ninja Warrior challenge, type of environment. Each player enters a creative “fantasy or personal” name so that they can watch the various scoreboards (for high scores) to compete against other individual players, and or in a team or league competitive play format vs other teams. Competitive, fitness, gamified fun integrating technology against the clock and other challengers for a different experience every time that you play. Add to the fun with social media posts for your friends and family to view your scores and numerous adventures.

Other TAG Active products include Aerial Assault gamified climbing walls, “Cyber Towers” Climbing and score systems within giant climbing towers.

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