iPlayCo celebrates 20 years

Leading manufacturer of safe, fun play structures that children of all ages can enjoy – iPlayCo – is proud to celebrate its 20th anniversary.

Founded in 1999 in Langley, British Columbia, Canada, iPlayCo has installed play structures in over 70 countries and employs over 150 team members at offices in Canada, Italy, Bulgaria and the Philippines.

iPlayCo’s first project, completed in April 1999, was for a restaurant in San Jose, Costa Rica. Twenty years later, it has completed over 4,000 installations, ranging in value from approximately ten thousand dollars to over two million dollars. Its largest playground order, the 24,938 square foot play centre in the Mall of Dharan, Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia, is recognized in the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest children’s soft-play area ever built.

iPlayCo’s success is founded on the drive and creativity of its employees, and the company has the ability to custom-design projects when a customer envisions a play centre with elements currently unavailable “off the shelf” from any supplier. iPlayCo designs, manufactures and installs play structures, providing a personalized experience from initial concept to the day a new facility opens its doors to welcome local children for the first time.

The past 24 months have been some of the most satisfying in iPlayCo’s history, as the company shifts its strategy from heavy reliance on a single strategic partner to developing a more balanced, multinational sales mix. Acquisitions in Europe brought local marketing and service capabilities that would have been difficult to establish on its own.

iPlayCo’s manufacturing facility in the Philippines keeps its team current on industry trends in the Asian market and complements the company’s North American and European facilities when it works on special projects. Strengthening demand for iPlayCo products in Asia is an important strategy going forward.

iPlayCo’s headquarters and core operations remain in Langley, where approximately 60 employees manage responsibilities from design to production planning, manufacturing to installation, and the majority of its senior management functions. In 2015, it expanded floor space to approximately 60,000 square feet to facilitate faster delivery times and greater design flexibility. The increasingly international nature of iPlayCO’s business now sees managers in a variety of roles traveling extensively for marketing, production and other purposes.

“Today’s anniversary marks a milestone in iPlayCO’s development that everyone on our team can take great pride in,” said Scott Forbes, iPlayCO’s President, CEO and Director. “When we think of the millions of families that have enjoyed our play structures, it reminds us why we started this business two decades ago.  I am happy to lead a team that has its eye on product quality and business results, while keeping foremost in mind our mission to provide children with an environment in which to have fun and develop through new challenges.  That is why we have grown and continue to welcome both repeat business and new clients year after year.  It is a credit to our team, and we are only just beginning to realize what this group can achieve.”

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