iPlayCo at IAAPA Attractions Expo 2018

iPlayCo, a leading designer and manufacturer of active play and custom indoor playgrounds, celebrated a successful 2018 IAE show, praising the exhibition’s instrumental influence on the company’s growth as well as its networking opportunities.

The new launch of iPlayCo’s Tag Interactive Arenas is set to be game changer for active competitive play in the 8 years to adults age demographic. In the last couple of decades, the company has developed a wide variety of products to better serve its core markets in the entertainment industry.

A significant part of what iPlayCo does is custom, thematic design, which has created opportunities to expand into new markets such as Family Entertainment Centers, Shopping Centers, Zoos and Aquariums, Theme Parks, Museums, Restaurants, Science Centers and Cruise Ships to name a few.

iPlayCo was able to create a turn-key solution, starting with a concept, numerous sketches to create the characters, developing the brand, Operations guide, and even creating a colouring book specifically for Ants World to capture a child’s imagination. The “small” things like a photo op statue and over-sized flowers to a “cave-like” entrance reflects the kind of creative energy needed to envision and bring to reality what a full FEC should be.

iPlayCo has been in business for 19 years now and has been an IAAPA member since the beginning.

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