iPlayCO announces new products and protocols for operator reopening,

iPlayCO is set to release several new products and protocols designed to help operators create as safe and comfortable an environment as possible for their guests. Following guidelines established by IAAPA as well as various health and safety government guidelines, the company aims to upgrades to the way attractions such as playgrounds can be used while maintaining social distancing protocols. 

“Our thinking on this is simple,” said an iPlayCO spokesperson. “Let us proactively create various adjustments to existing (or new) playgrounds and attractions that improve on important safety guidelines as they apply to entertainment facilities so that their guests can get back to the facility and enjoy some “active play” for the betterment of mental and physical health. Families are looking for some healthy fun while we return to this next stage of life in the months ahead while we deal with COVID-19.”

The new custom ‘“routing and pathway play” for the FUNZONE Playground creates specific pathways and obstacle type adventures within a playground. Guests proceed on pathways with directions marked at 6-foot intervals through each of the multiple paths or routes. Optional Start and Stop sensors at the entry and exit points can offer guests a time challenge scoreboard for an obstacle course style race. The directional pathway system can create customer flow-through rates to count guests and cycles per hour at each route/pathway, translating to capacity counts for players on a guests per hour basis, providing the owner with the ability to meet local city/ state and country health and safety guidelines.

The new Biba/iPlayCO Gamified Playground App, meanwhile, turns a playground or facility into an unique interactive play experience. By downloading the Biba App on a mobile phone or tablet, guests can go on personal adventures such as treasure hunts, Dino Dig or Relay games, including augmented reality and branded games such as Teletubbies for the younger crowd and the popular Hotel Transylvania.

Ballistic Barrage by iPlayCO helps guests focus on targets with sounds and light effects while battling to help their team obtain a high score. The game cycles last two minutes and will restart as the first targets are hit enabling a new game. Guests simply join a game and start shooting foam balls at either the red or blue team targets. Providing focus in the playground helps maintain the social distancing in the play area while still allowing social interaction with other guests.

New criteria for Tag Active adjusted game use and cycles include two guests per activity and faster gameplay cycles for throughput while providing social distancing requirements.

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