Interlink announce bevvy of new ride projects in South East Asia

The water ride specialists have announced new projects in Indonesia where two new water rides have been secured – a rapid river and the Immersive SuperFlume. Both rides will be located inside shopping malls.

The Immersive Superflume is the result of a Technical Collaboration between dynamic media attractions specialist Simworx and Interlink. It will feature motion base and immersive screens added to a SuperFlume 16-seat boat ride, which features a 12 metre vertical lift and chute/splash, along with other special effects.

Elsewhere in the region Interlink will be building the first of their newly re-designed Panoramic Sky Towers.  The Tower will be 110 metres high with a 60-seat rotating passenger cabin.  It will also feature a Skywalk and unique IP Signology.

In the Middle East the company is also currently installing a Spin Boat ride.

The company’s used ride division is also very busy and has recently purchased 5 family rides from Europe which will be moving to a new home in the Indian Ocean region.

Rapid River spécifications:

  • Ride length : 350m
  • 9 boats for 8 passengers each
  • Approximate ride time : 4 minutes
  • Approximate capacity : 900 ppl / hour
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