Inowize releases new game for Arkadia VR Arena

Inowize has released a new virtual reality game for its out-of-home entertainment platform, called Winter Break, released in a partnership with Ryseup Studios. The experience is available through flagship product Arkadia VR Arena to all current and future locations at no extra charge.

RyseUp Studios is an independent game studio founded in 2014 in Lyon, France. The company is developing its intellectual properties for VR and standard game platforms, and providing art and game design outsourcing services to several international studios.

The “Team-versus -Team” VR game is aimed at customers of all ages visiting Family Entertainment Center venues and looking to enjoy high-quality VR experiences with their friends and family. Offering a competitive, fun, and fast-paced game experience to bring them back for more.

“As businesses are starting to thrive again globally, it is important to provide as many new experiences as possible for operators to invite their guests back to their facilities.”, says Claudia Mihalache, CEO at Inowize. “Our main focus is to add as many new games for Arkadia VR Arena that are fun and make people coming back for more.”, adds Mihalache.

In the game, players find themselves in a schoolyard where they start a snowball battle with the goal of becoming the winter champion. This VR experience is active and socially engaging, being an amazing fit for all generations, especially the younger demographic.

Arkadia’s VR Games are designed to be immersive and entertain the guests and all experiences can be played multiple times, are family-friendly, and appeal to the widest demographic of audience.

On average, the gameplay time for each game is between 5-6 minutes, but the operators have the freedom to adjust it themselves, according to their facilities and their guest’s needs.

“Arkadia VR Arena is an attraction that enhances the guest experience in an Entertainment Venue. crave premium attractions, and they desire unique social experiences they can’t try at home. This is where we believe our VR Arena comes through, and that is why we feel it is vital to continue to launch new games, such as Winter Break.”

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