Industry leaders launch amusement recovery website

A collection of leaders in the entertainment industry have worked together to launch Amusement Recovery, a website that helps operators endure the COVID-19 pandemic and create a plan for post-virus success.

The entertainment industry has been severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Most locations have closed their doors indefinitely, with no assurance of when the shutdown will end.

Currently there are a lot of informational resources to help small businesses, but there hasn’t been a singular place where the information can be found. This is where Amusement Recovery fills the gap.

The website was built with the singular goal of helping amusement operators endure these hard times and create a plan for recovery. It combines everything relevant and important for this industry with quick links and easy-to-digest articles.

“We want to help the amazing operators in this industry,” commented Armando Lanuti, president of Creative Works. “The contributors who created the website are working together to continually add new, timely content to the website. We want to share new information with business owners as quickly as possible, which is crucial because of how fast the pandemic situation is evolving.”

There are many companies and organisations who have contributed to the creation of this website, including AAMA, Amusement Products, Betson, CenterEdge Software, Concepts Performance Management, Creative Works, Delta Strike, Embed, FEG Group, Hologate, Laser Blast, Laserforce, Mini Melts, Party Center Software, Pinnacle Entertainment Group, Player One Amusement Group, Qubica AMF, Redemption Plus, Shaffer Distributing Company, Sureshot Redemption, and TrainerTainment.

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