Indoor FECs beating the heat

The International Expo Consults, organisers of DEAL 2019, have claimed that extreme temperatures in the GCC will see more tourists visit the regions indoor theme parks and numerous family entertainment centres, which continue to multiply.

“The entertainment sector in the GCC, in general, is unlike that around the world. Climatic conditions such as extreme temperatures do not allow year-long operations,” said Sharif Rahman, chief executive of IEC. “Hence the local industry needs to get creative and build for attractions in which the visitor’s exposure to the extreme conditions is kept to a minimal or almost no time period.

“Since the FECs and the indoor parks are immune to the seasonality aspect, they can afford to keep the park functional throughout the year. This is one of the major reasons for their benefit and popularity in the Middle East.”

In the wake of the ‘Quality of Life Program 2020’ announcement by Saudi Arabia which detailed an investment of $35 billion in entertainment and culture, and a number of social reforms, Saudi Arabia is trying to explore new avenues in the entertainment sector – an industry already experiencing remarkable growth.

These numbers are largely due to increased spending capacity of the residents, increased number of tourists visiting the country, and corresponding availability of top attractions, which are consistently updated and revamped with the latest technology.

DEAL 2019 will run from March 25 to 27, 2019 at the World Trade Centre, Dubai.


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