Imply Group launches new interactive bowling system

Brazil-based provider of solutions for ticketing, access and bowling systems Imply Group have announced a new interactive bowling system EBS – Evolution Bowling Show. EBS brings mapped dynamic projections, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality, and more to bowling alleys.

EBS’ technology identifies and maps the ball and the lane in real time. Using artificial intelligence and augmented reality projects several responsive animations with interactive 3D effects as the ball passes.

For example, sometimes the ball becomes a comet with fire effects. the lane emits lasers or the ball allows you to hit and destroy cartoon viruses.

According to the president of Imply Group, Tironi Paz Ortiz: “The Evolution Bowling Show, presented by Imply®, will be a new milestone in the bowling industry. Just as Glow in the dark was launched a few years ago, now, EBS will bring an unprecedented impact. The Evolution Bowling Show was developed with interactive effects that offer unforgettable experiences and guarantee an upgrade to the Bowling Alleys. In addition to increasing the interaction, the fun and the players’ engagement with Bowling, they also increase the Bowling Center’s length of stay, satisfaction and recurrence. In this way, EBS can significantly increase the monthly income of the lanes.”

Director of technological innovation Fabiano Horn commented: “It is the first interactive bowling system in the world that has new features with artificial intelligence. As an example, integration with the scoring system, projection of the player’s name, score and speed of the ball in each frame. The system also offers gamification features. Thus, the player earns rewards and accesses new effects as plays.”

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