Immersive art installation Museum of Memories opens at Mall of America

Museum of Memories, an interactive Instagram playground inspired by childhood memories, announces their opening at Mall of America. The 4,600-square-foot space is located on level 2, West.

Upon entering Museum of Memories, guests will have an hour to explore a variety of rooms that are the perfect photo-op. Each room features hand painted murals, and props invoking a variety of childhood memories from Saturday morning cartoons to birthday parties. Other rooms featured in Museum of Memories include the dreamy cloud room and a colouring book with oversized crayons.

Texas native Steffi Lynn Tsai always had ambitions of building a world where people can express themselves and feel like they belong. Inspired by her dreams, Museum of Memories brings positivity and interpersonal connection to guests by infusing art, creativity with universal coming-of-age experiences to create a playful, interactive, and nostalgic environment for all ages.

Tickets can be purchased online or in person. Museum of Memories is open for a limited time through summer at Mall of America.


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