ICE’s All-In redemption title now shipping

Innovative Concepts in Entertainment (ICE) is pleased to announce its long-anticipated launch of All-In, the latest skill redemption hit.

ICE collaborated on this mechanical masterpiece with Gordon Crompton and Ben Wilson of GB Amusements, the same team that delivered the popular Whack N’ Win redemption game that has seen tremendous success over the past few years at FEC’s around the globe.

Players pull the plunger and aim for the bonus value tickets, using their skill and touch to launch the puck aiming for the big-ticket win zones. The puck must be all the way in the win zone for a “zone win.” If the player misses landing the puck all in one of the many win zones and sees the red bar lit up, they still win tickets – one of the many great features of All In, every player is a WINNER!

All In also incorporates the use of a 40” high definition LED screen that gives the player an “instant replay” on every shot either confirming their WIN or showing them just how much they missed the win by. Like the popular “hawk-eye” feature in tennis, players love seeing their results replayed on screen! All-In also features a LED lit puck using the same technology used in wireless charging cell phones.

ICE president, Joe Coppola, confirmed, “All In has been testing on location for most of 2019 and the results across the board have been incredibly strong. We have tested the game in large National Account type locations as well as smaller regional arcade concepts and in every case All In was one of the top ranking redemption games. Similar to the last game we did with Gordon and Ben, Whack N’ Win, All In has a great feel and players immediately grasp the simple game play. The results of our in- depth location testing proved the repeat play to be very strong on All In.”

As with Whack N Win, All In’s sleek cabinet design means it can fit in locations and FEC’s of all sizes. A mega marquee for two games is also be available for larger locations looking to purchase multiple games and bank them for even more awesome presence!

Please contact your ICE sales representative or distributor to order yours today.

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