ICE updates with refresh 

Innovative Concepts in Entertainment (ICE) is excited to announce the launch of its newly designed website at Customers can expect to find a more streamlined way to learn about the New York-based company’s games. 

With a complete redesign of the site’s home page, based on feedback received over the past three years, ICE aims to improve the customer experience of finding information on games, parts and technical services.

 Joe Coppola, president of ICE stated: “We set out a few months ago to make some significant improvements and updates to our website to make the customer experience a better one and allow customers to more simply navigate the site. We looked at the data over the past few years and saw where most customers were going and how they were utilizing the information on the site. While many of the changes were subtle, all were aimed at making it better and clearer.” 

A major part of the refresh has been focused on parts and service and creating a better, more effective experience for both distributors and operators. ICE has added subcategories to help find parts as well as changed the page to allow multiple different views to allow ease of use on desktop or mobile. There is also a new section for most frequently sold parts for each game, allowing operators quicker access to the parts they buy most often. Additionally, ICE has added more technical service tips, videos and troubleshooting guides.

Coppola also noted, “We would also like to thank our website developer, Clevermethod, who we have been fortunate enough to work closely with now for over two decades. They continue to be leaders in their industry, while bringing creativity and professionalism throughout the process.”

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