ICE begins shipping Centipede Chaos

Bigger and better than ever, the blasting bugs of Centipede Chaos are set to arrive in FECs worldwide, soon. The skill video redemption game, a classic crawler, is back from the 80’s with a new twist to the original Atari title.

ICE and Play Mechanix once again combined talents to make this awesome three player redemption attraction.

ICE (Innovative Concepts in Entertainment) first debuted the game at the Amusement Expo International 2019 in March. Centipede Chaos was well received, and instantly a buzz was created on many online blogs such as Arcade Heroes, which commented: “The boss battles are short, but also different for each, which is a nice change of pace. The graphics fit the aesthetic and the power-ups are fun to use.”

Centipede Chaos adds a modern touch to the beloved 1980’s game. With the unique powerups, graphics and additional boss battles, the game has more depth than ever, and the ticket redemption aspect allows players to win more points for more tickets.

To quote ICE President, Joe Coppola, “This remake resonates with the adults and parents who fondly remember the original 80’s video game as well as the kids who are immediately captivated by the awesome 75” video screen and non – stop action of the current style three player game!”

Coppola finished by saying, “the earnings and success of Centipede Chaos have been immediate and widespread, both domestically and internationally. The depth of this game combined with it’s unique “continue” feature has created a loyal player base across almost all FEC concepts. Centipede has consistently been one of the top ranked video redemption games of 2019!”

Centipede incorporates a fantastic and unique cabinet design, a larger than life 75-inch monitor, as well as LED stools that help to set this game apart from anything else in the game room.

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