Hologate launches immersive experience platform ‘Hologate X’

Hologate, the market leader in virtual reality systems for entertainment venues is further expanding its product portfolio with the upcoming launch of its next-gen free-roaming VR adventure platform, Hologate X.

Hologate X features HXR, Hologate’s proprietary hyper-reality technology that integrates a perfect blending of the latest in high-end next-level virtual reality, full-body tracking, and 4D physical effects inside of a high-fidelity immersive and social experience.

Hologate X will be the first to feature hyper-reality streaming technology, which is an unprecedented advancement over all of the free-roam VR systems presently in the market. By streaming high-resolution cinematic virtual reality worlds directly into the headsets, players can freely explore the expansive gameplay space, without being weighed down by the traditional heavy backpack that houses both the gaming computer and large battery pack that powers the VR headset and ancillary gear.

Not only does this reduce the significant overall costs that inherently comes with typical free-roam VR systems for the minimum two sets of backpacks for every player (live gameplay and backup), but by eliminating the need to swap out backpacks when the battery runs low, this also significantly increases the revenue due to the continuous player throughput.

Premiering on Hologate X is Hologate’s fully-developed in-house experience, “SIGVRIED: Escape from Valhalla”. This project’s funding is generously supported by a German federal games grant provided by the German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI). SIGVRIED has a total production budget of 1.2 million euros.

SIGVRIED: Escape from Valhalla is based on the Nibelungen Saga, which combines Norse mythology with a futuristic science fiction twist. In an alternative future after the Ragnarök events, brave adventurers explore the destroyed, gigantic “fortress of the gods”, ‘Vahalla’, wherein the remains of halls, corridors, and chambers, many treasures are hidden but also dangers lurk. In order to possess the lost treasures of the Nibelungs, players must work as a team to overcome puzzles and traps, battle monsters and dragons, and avoid additional challenges all around. The game combines classic role-playing gameplay, an escape room puzzle element, all happening inside a highly immersive and interactive sci-fi fantasy adventure.

Hologate X will debut as one of the main attractions in Hologate’s new ultimate experience venue Hologate World located in Fürth, Germany, expected to open in September 2021. Hologate X will be available to customers worldwide shortly thereafter.

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