Historical scent range launched at Warwick Castle, UK

Warwick Castle is celebrating the arrival of autumn by partnering with AromaPrime to launch a unique scent range. These pongs from the past include the likes of a Medieval stable, the leather worn by soldiers, the oak of the treasurer’s chamber and even the smoky essence of the castle’s blacksmith workshop.

Warwick Castle features an immersive experience called Kingmaker, where visitors can walk through scenes recreated to be just as they were in 1471. With life-like wax figures, props and sound effects, guests get a hands-on, close-up view of castle life. Themed scent company AromaPrime, who also create authentic pongs for the likes of the Natural History Museum, The British Museum, Jorvik Viking Centre and Alton Towers, provide a deep level of realism to the Kingmaker experience.

Visitors learning about Medieval history at school can also purchase the unique, specially-made aromas at aromaprime.com in its Theme Parks & Attractions Fan Range. They can be ordered as oil for dispensers, as sprays or in hand-held Aroma Cubes, which canbe used by classes for passing around and sniffing.

Liam R. Findlay, attractions consultant at AromaPrime, said: “Visitors old and young have fond memories of Warwick Castle. With scent’s powerful ability to trigger these memories, I hope that this unique collection helps to transport people back to their happy days out.

“Additionally, Warwick Castle uses some incredibly well-chosen Medieval aromas, and now that they are available for the public to own, I think they could provide a great multisensory element for History classrooms. Being able to smell the time period you’re learning about really helps to spark your imagination and makes you feel like you’re right there, in the past!”

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