Grand Pier gears up for Halloween

A petrifying Puppet Museum and a sinister Street FEARtre sideshow are among the new tricks and treats added this year to the Grand Pier’s annual Halloween spooktacular.

Tickets are on sale now for 2019’s Halloween Unfairground evenings which promises visitors to the Weston-super-Mare attraction more chills and thrills than ever before.

Other new fright night features are CarnEvil and Cirque du Fear.

For those who would rather fear not, the Pier has introduced a Scaredy Cat Pass, which allows those of a more nervous disposition to skip the Scare Mazes but still enjoy the atmosphere and many other attractions on offer.

For those who can’t tingle their spines quick enough, the new Fast Track Pass offers a one-way ticket to terror in quick-time.

Halloween Unfairground has rapidly become one of the Pier’s most popular events and this years’ offering, on October 24, 25, 26, 31 and November 1 and 2, promises to continuing that terrifying tradition.

New for 2019 is The Puppet Museum.

Every lonely child needs some toys to play with, and every Unfairground visitor could potentially be the perfect plaything for the infamous Puppet Master, the ruthless killer who delights in turning his victims into his personal toys.

Can those who enter his lair escape without becoming part of his collection?

Street FEARtre is a travelling troupe of sideshow novelties which has descended into madness and mayhem, led by the relentless Ringmaster, who has them all under his spell.

Cirque du Fear used to be ‘The Greatest Show on Earth” but has taken a sinister twist. Visitors are lured into a world of magic and deception where nothing is quite what it seems, and a once-great illusionist seems to have a way of making people disappear. Will you be able to find your way back to reality?

CarnEvil features characters from the cancelled Freak Show who have been abandoned by their once-great showman and left alone in the dark, turning them wild and dangerous.

After a lifetime of being stared at, they’re out for revenge now, and perhaps the only safe way through their labyrinth-like lair is to not see anything at all!

Returning to taunt and haunt Halloween Unfairground visitors once more – possibly by unpopular demand – are the Crazy Circus, with its killer clowns, and the Ghost Train-based House of Horrors, where all manner of zombies and ghouls lie in wait around every dark corner.

And both of these returning features have been given some terrifying tweaks.

Full details of some of the scares awaiting you can be found on the Grand Pier website, although there are sure to be a few extra shocks and surprises in store throughout each night.

The new Fast Track Pass allow people to beat the queues and enjoy priority entry into each of the scare mazes, while the Scaredy Cat Pass enables people to by-pass the mazes.

The doors to the Halloween Unfairground open at 7pm, and the live scare zones, rides and attractions close at 11pm (last entry will be 10.45pm).

These night-time attractions are designed to be scary and are aimed at adults and older children.

The Pier recommends that children be no less than 12-years old. Those aged under 16 must be accompanied by a responsible adult aged 18 or over.

Tickets include admission to all the special scare attractions as well as unlimited rides throughout the Pier for the evening, and full details of all the tickets available – including the Scaredy Cat Pass and Fast Track Pass – can be found on the Pier’s website.

Hollie Otley, the Grand Pier’s event manager, said: “Two of the four Halloween Unfairground scream park evenings sold out completely last year, and the others were very close.

“With the attractions being better than ever this year, we are hoping for another sell-out success in 2019, and want to make the Pier the first-choice destination for fright-night festivities.

“Around a quarter of our visitors last year came from Bristol, so we know we’re developing a reputation beyond Weston-super-Mare and North Somerset as an excellent venue for people to come to from far and wide to immerse themselves in the spirit of Halloween.”

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