GPT cashless app celebrates FEC success

After live testing on Brighton Palace Pier, UK, Game Payment Technology (GPT) has report that an FEC version of the GPT cashless payments app app has “ticked all of the boxes for simplicity, ease of use and the delivery of a seamless player experience.”

It is now set to break into the international FEC sector having undergone a successful behind closed doors test. The results of the extensive test, which covered a cross-section of video games, basketball, air hockey and Whack-a-Mole products, confirms GPT’s capacity to work effectively in an FEC environment and will alert domestic and international operators seeking a cashless solution to enhance the player experience.

Robert Gibb, who is part of the senior team leading the development of GPT, is delighted at the progress that’s been made and the successful entry into the FEC sector. He said: “Lockdown and the forced closure of the industry delayed our planned roll-out into pubs and cubs at a point when all of the feedback and metrics from our first roll-out were highly positive. However, the team used this time to refocus on the development of the FEC version of the app and as a consequence we are now a year ahead of our original development path.”

He continued: “To have access to such a prestigious venue has been fantastic and the feedback from the team at Brighton Palace Pier has been priceless. This follows the equally important support and advice received from Justin Burke at Sega Amusements International. Both Sega and Brighton Palace Pier have helped develop our FEC solution which is why we are so confident it ticks all of the boxes in terms of simplicity, ease of use and the delivery of a seamless player experience.”

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