Gold Medal’s launches gourmet popcorn series

Gold Medal, a leader for gourmet popcorn seasonings under its flagship brand Corn Treats, has o announced the launch of new Gold Medal Signature Series brand.

With an existing product range encompassing concentrates, shake-on seasonings, and blends/glazes, the name ‘Corn Treats’ was somewhat limiting in that the range went far beyond popcorn. To represent the broad ways these products can be utilized, Gold Medal knew it was necessary to offer better distinction between the products, their applications, and markets.

Under the new Gold Medal Signature Series brand, Gold Medal is offering the same quality products that customers know and love, yet also introducing them to new markets and demonstrating new ways they can be used. Plus, new additions to the line are also on the horizon.

Signature Shakes (formerly known as Corn Treats and Savoury Shakes) are shake-on flavours that are typically applied after the cooking/baking process. While still great for popcorn, these flavours are also made to shake on burgers, fries, salads, wings, steaks, pastas, seafood, dips, appetizers, and much more. The products are offered in sizes ranging from 4-lb jars to 25 pounds bulk. Select flavours will also be produced in 18 ounce restaurant-style shakers and small retail-size shakers.

Signature Blends (formerly known as Corn Treats) are blends or glazes consisting of sweet flavourings, colouring-only, and flavouring-only products. These are most often added during a cooking/baking process. Beyond popcorn, they can be used for waffles, funnel cakes, drinks, fudge, cakes, pastries, donuts, and more.

The brand name of Corn Treats will not go away. It now will apply only to mixes and concentrates that are used specifically for gourmet popcorn.

“The launch of the Signature Series is an outstanding way to introduce all foodservice professionals to the delicious sweet and savoury flavourings and colour blends Gold Medal has to offer,” shared Gold Medal president, Adam Browning. “Whether you’re cooking in a restaurant or at home, these products spark creativity in the kitchen with a wide range of applications. The high quality and versatility of the Signature Series will keep customers coming back.”

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