Gold Medal pushes towards contactless concessions

Provider of concession equipment and supplies Gold Medal Products Co. is paving the way for contactless concessions with the latest addition to its self-serve popcorn machine line, the ReadyPop Jr.

ReadyPop Jr. combines the power of an 8-oz popper with the convenience of a self-serve dispenser in one compact unit. Operators can pop multiple batches then hold the popcorn in the warmed cabinet until it is dispensed. Customers will enjoy filling their cups or bags with fresh popcorn at the push of a button. This popper/dispenser makes self-serve popcorn accessible for nearly any location.

While already in development last year, the events surrounding COVID-19 accelerated Gold Medal’s drive to bring ReadyPop Jr. to market. Push-button dispensing is more convenient and sanitary than other options. And venues are in need of solutions that save on labour and limit contact with staff.

President of Gold Medal Adam Browning commented: “ReadyPop Jr. makes fresh popcorn possible across a wide variety of locations. It allows vendors to provide both a grab-and-go snack and a fresh experience at the same time. Guests will enjoy the novelty of dispensing their own popcorn while operators will appreciate the ease of use. ReadyPop Jr. is a great fit for the needs of today’s marketplace.”

Features of the ReadyPop Jr. include a stainless-steel E-Z Kleen kettle, PowerOff Control that automatically turns off kettle heat after 15 minutes of idle time, and a heated corn deck to keep the popcorn warm and fresh. Both front and back counter models are available. It also comes in a No Kettle Model, which allows you to insert your own compatible 8-oz kettle into the unit.

ReadyPop Jr. joins the self-serve lineup with the 16-oz ReadyPop and ReadyServe commercial display cabinet.

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