Galaxy Multi Rides’ ULV Cold Air Fogger Sanitising machines

Galaxy Multi Rides, based in Port Charlotte, Florida, have announced that its Galaxy ULV Cold Air Fogger Sanitising machines are having huge success in the fight against COVID-19.

The Galaxy ULV Cold Air Fogger Sanitizing machine aims to offer a low-cost, effective way to sanitise any size location quickly and efficiently. 

VP Mike Whincup at Galaxy Multi Rides says: “Galaxy Multi Rides manufactures amusement rides, but during lockdown we realized that when our customers started to reopen, they would need an efficient fast solution to sanitise their parks and attractions.” 

He explains: “We initially marketed them to our customers but quickly realised that they are very effective in any location. Factories, offices, fitness centres, dentists, restaurants, doctor’s surgery’s, schools – in fact anywhere and everywhere.”

The Galaxy ULV Cold Air Fogger Sanitizing machine is lightweight and extremely portable, operates from a standard electrical outlet and has a 10.5 pint sanitizing fluid tank capacity. At full flow it will last 20 minutes with up to a 26’ spray spread, and the flow rate can be adjusted from 30 to 120 microns.

In other news, Galaxy Multi Rides, which manufactures amusement rides and attractions for amusement parks, family entertainment centers, trampoline parks and the event rental Industry, celebrated its 30th anniversary this year.

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