FunSpot partners VRstudios to launch LBR VR attraction the Atom,

FunSpot has revealed that it is partnering with VRstudios to launch the Atom, a wireless, action-packed attraction for 2-8 players, with the aim of continuing to innovate and push the family entertainment centre concept forward. An active virtual reality entertainment solution, the Atom’s purpose-driven infrastructure design and content are specifically selected for the active entertainment sector.

FunSpot is a leader in manufacturing equipment for indoor trampoline centres and adventure centres, known for its Ninja courses and Wipeout attractions, as well as trampolines, climbing walls and ropes courses. VRstudios is a leading provider of commercial-VR systems, technology, and integrated VR attractions, built expressly for the LBE sector.

The Atom is highly flexible and scalable – it can accommodate 2-8 players and can fit into a wide variety of spaces. Players have the option of playing individually or interacting together.  The partnership aims to offer a turnkey solution for FECs and adventure centres with no existing infrastructure needed.  VRstudios’ AMP (attraction management program) centralises management and analytics for simple functionality.

“Our systems are purpose-built for the active entertainment LBE and FEC audience,” said VRstudios’ Yoni Koenig. “It’s important to understand when we say ‘purpose-built’ it’s not just that they’re amazing and fun, but that they incorporate careful design thinking around utilisation and throughput; how to make sure users have a great experience, encourage new visitors and encourage them to get better when they get on the attraction the next time. Our developers are 20 year veterans of game design…. We have very deep industry experience.”

VRstudios’ Chanel Summers added: “The games are intuitive, accessible, easy to get in and out, but take skill to master. Consumer [home] systems don’t simply translate: they need to be designed for the general public, not just the tech savvy or the video game enthusiast… Throughput is everything.”

While discussions began in November 2019, plans were halted by COVID-19.

“We found that our values aligned around trajectories other than just the fact that we’re both leaders in our fields,” said Yoni. “We are a perfect match for [FunSpot’s] action park customers, because our work is all about getting people off the couch and into physically active attractions.

“We’ve learned through starting our partnership during COVID-19 that we really need to understand the needs of the moment, find a solution for the customer that speaks to recovery as well as the need to get to a sustainable market again.

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