First ever Hologate VR Esports Tournament soon to kick off

Hologate, Wargaming, HP, and Two Bit Circus are set to kick off the first World of Tanks VR Esports Tournament in Los Angeles on June 13th, during E3 2019.

For the first time, eight Players will get the chance to play against each other in two Hologate Platforms at once. World of Tanks VR is the first game supporting multiplayer matches over more than one Hologate at the same time. This new technology helps push location-based VR Esports to the next level and sets the foundation for the future Esports-stage in Location-based virtual reality.

Soon, Hologate will enable players to compete with each other in 4-vs-4-Matches around the world. The team behind the most successful virtual reality arena is working hard to make this new game-changing feature available for every Hologate around the world. Stay tuned for more information regarding inter-connected gameplay in the near future.

Players can sign up for the tournament directly on the Two Bit Circus:

The grand prize of this first ever Hologate VR Esports Tournament will be four HP Reverb Virtual Reality Headsets, the new benchmark in commercial VR provided by HP.

In addition, every player participating in the tournament will receive prizes provided by Wargaming to celebrate the release of World of Tanks VR on Hologate.

A flagship location, Two Bit Circus, the world’s first micro-amusement park, houses two Hologates. “Hologate is one of our top VR attractions,” commented Brent Bushnell, CEO of Two Bit Circus. “It’s reliable, operator friendly, always busy, and people love the experience. The World of Tanks VR Tournament will allow our customers to be more social in their VR play and enhance their experience!”

“We are amazed to finally launch the game on Hologate and do it first at Two Bit Circus spectacular VR park,” commented Anton Kolkovskiy, Business Development Director in charge of World of Tanks VR Arcade game at Wargaming. “We love how VR arcades bring people together to compete, socialize and have fun, and a 4-vs-4 competition is one of the best way of doing that.”

Hologate now has 250+ active locations throughout Europe, the Middle East, the Asia-Pacific region, and North and South America bringing their exclusive content reach into 21 countries in over five continents.

“We are beyond excited to explore and discover the unmeasurable possibilities and opportunities that will come through the interlinking of multiple Hologates. Stay tuned for new announcements soon!” said Leif Petersen, CEO of Hologate.

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