First-ever competitive Halo VR event kicks off

Halo: Outpost Discovery is a weekend-long event that lets you step into Halo’s beloved science fiction universe like never before. Experience the first-ever competitive Halo VR, play epic laser tag in the combat deck arena, discover The Hall of History, explore The Halo Ring, and so much more!

For the first time, players and fans can physically step inside the Halo universe and battle it out in a full-motion, free-roaming virtual reality experience. VRstudios has developed the Training Grounds, which will enable Halo: Outpost Discovery guests to participate in competitive player versus player combat exercises within simulated environments from the United Nations Space Command’s (UNSC) vast archive.

Guests will play as Spartan drones in untethered, free-roaming multiplayer VR as three-person teams, with matches taking place on a close-quarters combat platform engineered to challenge various disciplines such as squad-integrated coordination strategies, spatial awareness in the battlefield, and real-time weapon tactics improvisation.

“It was our aim to enable players to get that “awe” experience as soon they put on their VR headsets and actually feel what’s it like to be immersed in the Halo universe and then battle it out against their friends in a fast-paced and action-packed competitive combat experience,” said Chanel Summers, VRstudios’ vice president of Creative Development. “Casual and hardcore fans alike will immediately recognize some of the most iconic elements in the Halo universe, including Spartan characters, Covenant Plasma Pistols, and the classic Halo environment, Valhalla. The result is an immersive, high-energy VR experience that puts players and fans inside of the Halo universe like never before.”

Through VRstudios’ close collaboration with 343 Industries, Training Grounds stays true to the Halo universe and lets players fulfill their dream of being truly inside a Halo game.

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