FECs begin to reopen ‘normally’ in Argentina, says Magnetic Cash

After 9 months of strict quarantine for the entertainment industry in Argentina, coin op and entertainment businesses are beginning to reopen with some restrictions, such as operating at 50% capacity, machines separated by at least one and a half metres, mandatory face masks and alcohol gel and exhaustive cleaning.

Cashless system supplier Magnetic Cash has shared a number of comments from its clients in Argentins about reopening after 240 days of quarantine.

Ulises Gaitan, co-owner of Bubba Park, said: “little by little we began the reopening following the protocol established by the Argentine Association of Parks and Attractions (AAPA). I am very satisfied with Magnetic Cash System and the response provided by the company. It helps me a lot with the operation”

Antonio Font, owner of Pibelandia, said: “We are in a process of gradually reopening our operation, hand in hand with protocols that will limit our activity at least for most of 2021. The focus is on recovery, and then we will continue to deploy our strategy of continuous growth. Within this framework, Magnetic Cash is a strategic ally for our company, providing technological solutions that allow greater efficiency and control of operations. Regardless of this, I highlight the quality of the human group that composes it and the commitment to its clients to always give an immediate response to problems that may appear.”

Sebastian Reynoso, director of Le Park Entretenimientos, commented: “We were completely closed for 7 months, a period that was very long for us as a company, but it also became very long for all the families with children who visited us regularly. In this new scenario, I believe that safe family fun becomes essential, to rebuild the bonds of those families, relieve the stress of confinement and uncertainty, and begin to generate new memorable post-quarantine moments.”

On the future in the entertainment industry, he said: “My feeling is that the activity is going to recover gradually but constantly. In Latin America the winter is over and so are the worst peaks of the disease, I hope that before the next winter we will have the vaccine, at least for health personnel and risk groups. That would be a great relief and something that would further support the recovery.”

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