FEC attraction video goes viral, gets 20 million views

A TikTok video of Omni Arena, a virtual reality esports attraction, shot at family entertainment centre Cinergy in Odessa, TX, went viral and garnered over 20 million views and 3 million likes. In addition to TikTok, the video was picked up by major online media outlets like LADBible and 9GAG.

A comment on TikTok mentioning Cinergy Odessa as the attraction’s location got over 100,000 likes. In the weeks following the video, Omni Arena revenues at Cinergy Odessa were up over 50%.

“We’re thrilled that our Odessa location got this level of attention,” said Todd Maunsell, vice president of Cinergy Entertainment. “We’ve seen a jump in Omni Arena plays and guest traffic in these last few weeks.”

 “It’s exciting to see an FEC operator get so much online marketing exposure thanks to one of their attractions,” said Jan Goetgeluk, founder and CEO of Virtuix, who manufactures Omni Arena. “This phenomenon illustrates how a unique and exciting VR attraction like Omni Arena can boost online marketing, guest traffic, and ultimately revenues.”

Watch the viral TikTok video here.

Omni Arena is a full-body virtual reality attraction for up to four players. Omni treadmills inside the attraction enable players to walk and run around inside video games. To incentivise repeat play, Omni Arena offers ongoing esports contests with a $100,000 annual prize pool sponsored by Virtuix.



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