Falcon’s Creative Group unveils GameSuite Playsystem for entertainment venues

The newest addition to Falcon’s Creative Group’s portfolio of patented and patent pending offerings is the GameSuite™ product, an immersive gaming environment for friends and families to play, lounge, and connect.

Each GameSuite unit combines an enveloping game bay and an adjoining lounge area, where the experience can dynamically rotate between play and lounge. Inside the game bay, a captivating interactive experience surrounds players, simulating virtual reality gameplay, but without a headset. Players inside the game bay intuitively gesture and use touch screens to directly engage with the content. The gaming environment is equipped with 3D tracking and gesture recognition technology, a high-end laser projection system, and digital surround sound.

The lounge area provides opportunities for other party members to enjoy food and beverage service, monitor their scores and progress, cheer on other players, and even participate in the games themselves through an interactive touchscreen table.

The modular and compact footprint of individual GameSuite units is ideal for scalable and versatile configurations across all types of location-based entertainment sites, family entertainment centres, arcades, traveling exhibitions, restaurants, retail spaces, and more. It is designed to be inclusive for all ages, skills, and ability levels.

“The GameSuite product is the premier fusion of modern entertainment, social connectivity, and shared experiences. We see it as the future of casual and competitive group entertainment,” said Cecil D. Magpuri, president and CCO of Falcon’s Creative Group.

The GameSuite system comes pre-loaded with a wide variety of exclusive games that feature single-player, multi-player, cooperative, and competitive modes. Custom and original game titles can also be developed upon request.

A fully functional GameSuite demo is currently operational inside Falcon’s new X-Lab, located at their Orlando headquarters. Turn-key GameSuite™ units and solutions are available for licensing or purchase through Falcon’s Licensing.

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