‘Falcon’s Beyond Global’ launches as fully-integrated enterprise to propel story-driven, experiential entertainment

With proven theme park success in Europe, an award-winning creative team, patented technologies, and access to global real estate in prime tourist destinations, Falcon’s Beyond Global, LLC has launched as a fully integrated enterprise to propel story-driven, experiential entertainment around the world.

According to a recent release, that the new enterprise, supercharged by a joint venture with Meliá Hotels International, will be the only vertically-integrated entertainment powerhouse able to simultaneously activate an intellectual property across the full transmedia spectrum — with the potential to transform the $440 billion hospitality and entertainment category.

With 390+ properties in 40 countries, many in prime beach destinations, Meliá Leisure Group is jointly developing theme park + resort combos with Falcon’s Beyond at flagship properties on multiple continents.

Falcon’s Beyond was formalised this May when leading attraction design and master-planning firm Falcon’s Creative Group united with themed-entertainment company Katmandu Group.

The combination has created a fully integrated source for simultaneous entertainment IP activations—from streaming media development to theme park site acquisition; master planning to brick-and-mortar projects; immersive ride & attraction design to merchandise creation; right through world-class park & resort operation.

A first major focus of Falcon’s Beyond will be to apply its IP Expander model to the rapid evolution of its original and wholly-owned “Katmandu” IP—already popular with the millions of Europeans who have visited Sol Katmandu Park & Resort in Mallorca, Spain, and a growing list of Katmandu-branded kids camps in Meliá’s Sol Hotels.

Audiences resonate with the Katmandu universe’s timeless, intertwined tales—where mythical characters come to life in wild adventures, inspiring wonder with imaginative, immersive realms, elusive yetis, and a multicultural cast of adventurers.

Along with new characters, a streaming video series, and merchandise, the proven Katmandu IP will undergo a brick-and-mortar expansion. Through unique technological capabilities, Falcon’s Beyond will establish Katmandu as the first world-class theme park to have every ride and attraction customized to a centralized story “like chapters in the same legend,” and digitally tied to individual guest experiences.

“Falcon’s Beyond Global represents the ultimate combination of unlimited storytelling potential, agile and flexible real estate scalability, and imaginative expansion into a multitude of categories,” said Cecil D. Magpuri, CEO of Falcon’s Beyond Global and founder of the original Falcon’s Creative Group. “We develop inclusive, story-driven experiences that we can bring to market with unprecedented speed, removing all the massive challenges IP franchises and developers face when attempting this feat on their own.”

“We are truly enabling the impossible,” said Scott Demerau, executive chairman of Falcon’s Beyond Global and co-founder of Katmandu Group. “Through our partnership with Meliá, we have created a new playbook for building cost-effective, ‘Big-Experience, Small-Footprint’ theme parks, from beach resort communities to mixed-use entertainment spaces. Falcon’s Beyond Global brings a full complement of technology, design, and media expertise to the equation. Together, we are offering something that’s simply never been accessible to companies before. This is a huge benefit to developers, emerging IPs, and even entertainment giants.”

“Falcon’s Beyond and its unprecedented, imaginative, and already-deployed IP activation model completely shifts the established entertainment industry paradigm,” said Ken Faier, founder of Epic Story Media, a full-service, creator-driven kids entertainment company. “We have seen first-hand what Falcon’s is creating and we are really excited to explore an epic collaboration. There is a big demand for families looking for exciting experiences around great IP.”

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