Fairytale Farm launches Illuminated Evenings for autumn

Fairytale Farm, a family park in the southwest UK, is set to switch on its famous Illuminated Evenings from Saturday 9 October 2021, running every Saturday and Sunday evening until 28 November.

Farm owner Nick Laister is looking forward to showing visitors a number of new features in this year’s lights: “We have so much to show our visitors this year. We have illuminated our Enchanted Walk every year since 2013, when we were the first attraction in the south of England to open new permanent outdoor illuminations for many decades. All of our main features along the Enchanted Walk, such as the Sea Creatures, the Extinct Band, the Giant’s Camera and the Party Poppers, have been internally illuminated since then. We have added new features each year, such as the Snow White Garden, and Jack’s incredible illuminated beanstalk, rising 10 metres into the sky.”

Nick explains that this year Fairytale Farm has brought in the services of the UK’s leading lighting engineer, Richard Ryan, who was in charge of Blackpool’s iconic illuminations for many decades: “Richard helped us back in 2012, when we built our original illuminations. This year he has not only created new features for the existing Enchanted Walk, he has designed for us an extension to the illuminations that will include Fairy Dell, Dino Valley and the Huff & Puff Adventure Playground, making the 2021 illuminations the biggest and best show we have put on since Fairytale Farm was created.”

New features will include LEDs above the fairy tale shops, tunnel of lights, new festoon and coloured floodlighting, plus some surprises along the way.

Lighting designer Richard Ryan has been careful to ensure that the Illuminated Evenings are not a Blackpool Illuminations for the south of England: “I have known Nick Laister for many years and have always been glad to help him further develop Fairytale Farm. I really believe in what Nick is trying to achieve at the Farm, creating a unique, accessible and sensory attraction that is different to any other attraction in the country. It has always been a pleasure to help in any way I can. I am looking to do even more in the future, so there will be something new to see.”

Richard continues: “This year’s extended display is the first step in making the illuminations longer and more immersive, and a sign of more to come. I have been very careful to ensure the lighting scheme is appropriate for the rural location, so it won’t be Blackpool Illuminations Mark 2! It should, however, delight children and adults alike, and I am creating a layout that will bring other areas of the park into the light show. I am very excited to see it in action this October.”

The farm will stay open until one hour after dusk every weekend, and daytime visitors can stay on and see the illuminations for free. Fairytale Farm also operates a reduced admissions price from 4pm (3pm from 31st October). The Beanstalk Cafe will be open throughout with a choice of hot and cold snacks.

Nick adds: “We are so excited about this year’s display, more than any other we have put on. I can’t wait to see the reactions of families walking down the trail this year. It is going to be a magical experience.”

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