Event focuses on new leisure tech

New event examines possibilities for VR, AR and other innovations

Rising Media and KWP have released details of this year’s Future of Immersive Leisure event, dedicated to accelerating business opportunities for the attractions and commercial entertainment industry with emerging Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technology.

The event is being held from 16th-17th May 2018 at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino, Las Vegas.

Founder and chair, Kevin Williams, explained: “Amidst the hubbub about virtual reality’s potential in the consumer market, there’s little understanding of the much greater impact virtual reality, augmented reality, 3D projection mapping, and other immersive technologies are having or will have on out-of-home entertainment in the near term.”

He continued, “Next-generation immersive experiences are already generating whole new levels of engagement and revenue in such leisure facilities as amusement parks, location-based entertainment centers, retail and museums, and major rollouts of attractions based around virtual reality and other new immersive technologies are imminent in amusement theme parks, video arcades, and other leisure facilities around the world.”

The event is designed to give a holistic, expansive view of the immersive technologies that will radically transform out-of-home entertainment, building on recent developments in actual deployments. It will highlight new technologies, tools, trends, business models, and innovations that will impact the success of immersive experiences in amusement parks, location-based entertainment centres, movie theatres, museums, and other leisure facilities, as well as the role of immersive technologies in out-of-home experiential marketing.

“With the launch of Future of Immersive Leisure 2017, we’re excited to offer innovators across the attractions industries the opportunity to share best practices with each other as well as exchange ideas with the technology developers to gain a deeper understanding of the commercial potential of immersive technologies for their businesses,” said Matthew Finlay, CEO, Rising Media.

It features two days of conference sessions and an immersive technology showcase where leaders in the out-of-home space will demonstrate existing solutions. The event is aimed at facilitating understanding of the business opportunities and constraints of immersive technology, as well as critical connection building and networking opportunities among attraction owners, technology innovators, investors, and more.

Among this year’s speakers will be Markus Beyr, CEO & Owner of Attraktion!; David Bloom, Columnist and Consultant, Tubefilter.com & TVRev.com; Simon Chu, CEO of Escape VR; Todd Fuchs, self-styled commander-in-chief of The Holodeck among others.

For more information contact sponsorship@risingmedia.com.

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