Europa-Park/MackNeXT and VR Coaster partner Vicon for VR experience

Vicon, a world leader in motion capture, has partnered with developer of VR experiences Europa-Park/MackNeXT and VR Coaster to create a location-based virtual reality (LBVR) entertainment platform. 

Vicon and VR Coaster’s platform creates ‘infinite’ free roaming environments, with full-body tracking of 32 simultaneous players in large venues. The new LBVR platform’s first commercial installation is located in Rust, next to the Europa-Park and the Rulantica waterpark (opened in 2019), and will be open to visitors from summer 2020.

MackNeXT and VR Coaster have created a platform to power a new generation of VR experiences, of which Yullbe is the first. Yullbe is a new fully-immersive form of VR entertainment targeted at a broader audience than any VR attraction before – not just console and PC gamers, but the whole family, bridging the gap between music and art experiences and the more classic, game-like VR experiences.

The new platform has been built on Origin by Vicon, which raises the bar for VR by now enabling support of full-body tracking for 32 players in large arenas, and is powered by the use of Vicon’s latest Viper and Viper X cameras alongside high-performance Pulsar active marker tracking clusters.

Vicon’s VR technology has been combined with Europa-Park’s unique content and operational expertise to ensure that the large-scale, immersive LBVR experiences enabled by the platform minimise customer wait times and player set up while providing maximum uptime and commercial value, with a throughput of up to 48 people per hour.

This fusion of technology, operational structure and commercial model forms a new platform that will allow other IP holders to develop their content to be showcased in any Yullbe attraction worldwide or to even create their own Yullbe attraction. By creating a new revenue stream for IP holders, the MackNeXT / VR Coaster solution powered by Vicon has the potential to drive forward the forecasted multi-million-dollar market in immersive entertainment experiences.

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