Energylandia to open new zone called Aqualantis

Opening in 2021, Aqualantis is the newest zone at Polish theme park Energylandia. The new section has been designed to resemble an ancient, sunken city over an area of 6 hectares.

Aqualantis, which was designed by Dutch company Jora Vision, is themed around the ancient city of Atlantis. One day the city was taken by a giant wave, and it wasn’t until recently that the ruins have been found by brave explorers. The streets resemble an ancient, sea land with all details made with utmost precision.

The new zone at Energylandia will feature 10 new attractions. Firstly, new coaster Abyssus, a Shockwave Double Launch Coaster made by Vekoma, which boasts an electromagnetic launch and a maximum speed of 100 km/h. The Roller Coaster has been themed to appear as a pumping station for draining water from the sunken kingdom.

Also featured will be Light Explorer is a family boomerang roller coaster; Grotto Expedition is a sightseeing boat expedition that leads through mysterious caves and a magnificent lagoon outside the city. For younger guests there are several smaller carousels: the Burning Engine, which allows the kids to sit behind the wheel of a “real fire engine” and try to extinguish fire in a small building in the middle, and the Submarine Dive, a carrousel with small submarine boats. Elsewhere in the new area is Water Works, a water playground, and new interactive carrousels: Stormy Ship and Magic Pump. Finally, Tidal Wave Twister is a Disco Coaster, a twirling disc which moves around a short track pivoting up and down. In the main market square of the city guests willl find a number of snack and sweets selling points, as well as shops with souvenirs.

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