Embed returns to SEA Expo

Embed returns to the Saudi Entertainment and Amusement (SEA) Expo 2022, bringing innovations that will accelerate FECs in the region into the cashless future.

With a long-standing presence and roots in KSA since 2013, the Embed Mavericks showcased the cashless system that’s fully compliant and complimentary to Saudi system laws, championing two of the company’s latest innovations: the KIOSK+ and the Breakaway Game Card. The team also conducted free demos of these new products alongside the Mobile Wallet, the integrated software solution TOOLKIT, and a full range of RFID wearable media.

Renee Welsh, Embed CEO, said: “As players in the entertainment industry, we can support the growth of His Royal Highness’ Saudi Vision 2030 and maximise its operations through our technology. It was a privilege to talk about the importance of the Saudi Arabia market, along with the phenomenal rate of growth and the pace of change in the region.”

Andy Welsh, CTO at Embed, added: “Saudi Arabia’s commitment to new and exciting experiences is amazing. In the next five years or so, it’s going to be all about innovation and Embed is here for it. We are laying the groundwork and foundation for some of the most innovative things in e-commerce, business management, and systems operations in KSA and we’re looking forward to the fulfilment of His Royal Highness’ Saudi Vision 2030.”

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