Embed Celebrates International Womens’ Day with launch of ‘women@Embed’

8 March marked International Womens’ Day: a global day celebrating the social, economic and political achievements of women. Embed, a worldwide leader of cashless business management systems and integrated software solutions for the amusement, entertainment and leisure industries, celebrated International Womens’ Day with the launch of WE (#women@Embed).

Only 17% of Fortune 500 CEO’s are women** and only one in four start-ups has a woman on the founding team.* It was also revealed that only 3%** of women cite a technology-based career as their first choice due to a lack of resources and information from a young age and role models within the industry.

Embed believes in the value of diversity in its talent pool and has a shared commitment to gender parity at all levels of its organisation. Embed takes great pride in not only being gender equal but putting an end to gender inequality in the tech sector. With a chief executive leadership team made up of 50% women, Embed believes it represents an example of what other companies, large and small, should aspire to achieve.

“Closing the gender gap in tech is hard, but not at Embed. It is a testament to our value system, our culture and organization, who we are and how we do things,” commented Renee Welsh, Embed’s CEO.
“As CMO, I am proud to be part of an executive team that is 50% female lead by a strong female CEO. And I’m equally proud that my global Marketing organisation reflects the same 50% gender diversity,” added Sara Paz, CMO.

“We’ve not had to set metrics to aim for in relation to gender diversity because our balance is very healthy,” said Belinda Avery, global HR director. “The best thing about this is that we aren’t driven by metrics, we simply select the best person for the role and if that just happens to be a woman, it’s great. This is my first time working with a female CEO and I’ve absolutely loved it.”

“I’m a woman in the unique position of GM Middle East of a high-tech company. I’ve never allowed my gender to affect my career, achievements, dreams or future plans. To be part of a company that believes in the strength of diversity makes me proud, and if my example serves to encourage even one female to aim for the stars, knowing it is not about “IF” but “WHEN” she will reach them, I would consider this a great success,” said Rosa Tahmaseb, MD, EMEA.


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