eibe Play reveal roaring Jurassic-themed park

Located in Exmouth, Devon, eibe Play have unveiled its latest park project at Queen’s Drive Space. The park is a brand new seafront attraction that comes courtesy of East Devon District Council, Taste of the West and the Oddfellows Bar.

eibe were awarded the £150,000 project around Christmas 2017, and have worked closely with the council’s senior engineer, Dave Cook, since the original tender. In the early part of the New Year, eibe began work on manufacturing bespoke units – including a giant lifelike Brachiosaurus, which is clearly visible form the nearby beach.

Surrounding the prehistoric beast is a host of other wooden equipment including a huge Old Wise Tree, a tailor-made robinia plane wreck, as well as a mixture of swings, a dinosaur nest with platforms and nets, concrete eggs, sandpit with fossils, stand-up seesaw and a Terion unit.

“Just want to thank [eibe] again for delivering this magnificent play area,” commented Dave Cook. “I went there yesterday morning and there were approximately 150 parents and children loving the facility with many queuing to use the equipment. Most of the children using the slide were going down head first! Great to witness and see the fruits of your labour.”

The reviews are in from the local children, too, who added:

•         Awesome
•         I will definitely come back
•         I’d live here if I could
•         Amazing, really great
•         It couldn’t be any better
•         I can fly off the swing really high
•         I like the slide because it’s long
•         Epic
•         Awesome – thumbs up
•         Awesome and legendary
•         Better than the other fun park, places to sit, coffee

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