EAG shares online seminar program

Taking place Tuesday 20 Wednesday 21 April 2021, EAG Online promises a full programme of interesting and informative sessions, with industry leaders sharing their thoughts and discussing the vital issues facing today’s industry.

10.30am – Welcome to EAG Expo 2021 Online. Speakers: John White (Bacta Chief Executive), Martin Burlin (EAG Chairman)

10.40am – Future of FEC in Europe
With Europe coming out of Covid – will there be new opportunities/market for FEC? Speakers: Jason Frost (Euromat President), Kieran O Keefe (Secretary General Euromat), Greg Wood (Bacta President)

11.30am – The Amusement revolution in Italy
After years of restrictions and regulatory shortcomings that have compromised the development of the sector in Italy, the government proposes a general reform of amusement. An opportunity for the whole industry and perhaps, an example to follow in Europe. After the previous focus on the Italian entertainment market hosted by EAG Expo, Gioco News also this year proposes a new panel dedicated to the Italian case. Speakers: David Snook (Intergame – Moderator), Mauro Zaccaria (President of FEE Consortium), Alessandro Lama (President of Federazione Amusement Confesercenti), Alessio Crisantemi (Editor GiocoNEws), Claudio Dalla Pria (Member of Sapar Service), Jason Frost (President of Euromat)

12.45pm – Cashless Payments are more important than ever to ensure a Covid Safe Environment.
How is the industry adapting to cashless technology? Are we seeing any change in pattern before and after Covid19 pandemic? How can going digital help owners and operators recover faster from current situation?Speakers: James Miller (Past Bacta President – Moderator), Kiran Karanki (CEO Semnox), John Rozek (Game Payment Technology), Alex Goldman (Ideal Software

2.30pm – Social Entertainment: A New Place to Play
The perception of out-of-home entertainment is experiencing a revolution, as a new generation of entertainment venues that mix the latest immersive entertainment with a social food and drink model start to gain momentum – successors to the traditional amusement venue approach. This session looks at the latest developments behind deploying this into the market. Speakers: Kevin Williams (KWP – Moderator), Leif Petersen (Hologate), Armando Lanuti (Creative Works)

3.30pm – UK Industry Update
Speaker: John White (Bacta Chief Executive)

3.55pm – Thank You for Attending EAG Expo 2021 Online
Speaker: Greg Wood (Bacta President)


10.30am – Welcome to EAG Expo 2021 Online/Message from Bacta Chairman
Speakers: Greg Wood (Bacta President), Martin Burlin (EAG Chairman)

10.45am – XR: Deploying Immersive Entertainment Now
Emerging from lockdown, the need to be aware of the new trends in the immersive technology landscape that will be deployed across the market is covered in this session. Looking beyond the new technologies of VR/AR and MR, the session will speak with the leading providers as well as speak with those that are taking on the challenge of operating this genre. Speakers: Kevin Williams (KWP – Moderator), Leif Petersen (Hologate), Jonathan Stephen Nowak Delgado (SPREE Interactive), John Lilley (MeetSpace VR)

11.45am – Retention and Development of your Employees
Employee retention is important to organisations as it saves time and money, while increasing productivity and efficiency. Research has shown that for every employee lost, there will be a cost of approximately 6-9 months salary to replace them as well as the disruption and time invested to attract, recruit and onboard. That doesn’t account for the value lost through the quality of experienced employees. You can see how valuable your employees become to the organisation. In this two part workshop we will discuss the value of your employee, the importance of leadership and communication, and some top tips to help you implement an Employee Retention Strategy. Speaker: Sean Grant (Core Impact)

1.00pm – Competitive Play In Entertainment: Esports, Tournaments, Prizes and beyond.
The ability to draw a repeat visitation audience to your venue has seen the deployment of league and competition play as a new feature of the business. Some times described as Esports, this session will look at the benefits and issues of this new approach. Looking at the concept and how it can be best applied to our businesses. Speakers: Kevin Williams (KWP – Moderator), Philip N. Kaplan (Gameworks), Russ Van Natta (Creative Works)

2.00pm – The Future of Staycation
Speakers: John White (Bacta Chief Executive), Kurt Janson (Tourist Alliance)

3.00pm – Understanding Escape Games and the Licensing Required
Speaker: Lloyd Notely (Escapology, Florida)

3.55pm – Thank You for Attending EAG Expo 2021 Online
Speakers: John White (Bacta Chief Executive), Martin Burlin (EAG Chairman)

To register, visit www.eagexpo.com/eag-online-2021

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