Dynamic Earth brings Casio aboard for educational underwater attraction

Edinburgh based centre Dynamic Earth has recently equipped five of Casio’s lamp-free Ultra Short Throw projectors. Dynamic Earth was the UKs first Millennium commission funded project to open to the public and features a number of interactive displays which showcase the lifetime of the planet. Casio’s Ultra Short Throw projectors are used to display rear projection video content in a gallery shaped like a yellow submarine.

Casio’s HD ready projectors can be positioned close to displays without on-screen shadowing, offer extensive connectivity options, and feature up to 3,500 ANSI lumens. Dynamic Earth technical manager Mark Wall made the decision to switch to Casio, and commented: “Casio seem to be the only company providing Laser & LED hybrid projection, which not only produces consistently vibrant colours over its 20,000 hour lifetime, but also provides users with virtually no maintenance due to its lamp-free technology The five year warranty also really appeal, as it gives us total peace of mind if anything were to go wrong – so far so good!”.

The low total cost of ownership, zero maintenance, and instant on/off feature were also key deciding factors for Dynamic Earth.

“Previously,” Mark said. “with our lamp based projectors, we were spending £300 every time we had to change a lamp. If you’re doing that a few times a year for several projectors, that’s a few thousand pounds easily spent. Casio provides a much more economical and environmentally sound solution. The fact that there are no hidden costs or replacement bulbs to consider was also a huge bonus for us, as was the reliability and outstanding performance of the technology in terms of brightness and ease of operation. The installation process was also simple as we could position the projectors as close to the screen as we wanted.”

Visitors to the experience can enjoy an immersive and educational exploration of five sea environments, and little ones can cause a commotion in the Ocean Commotion Play Area.

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