Dream-Bowl Palace upgrades to Brunswick’s Sync management system

Dream-Bowl Palace in suburban Munich, Germany, covers more than 59,000 square-feet and boasts 52 lanes, making it the largest bowling centre in Europe.

The centre opened in late 2009 and features Brunswick Bowling Pro Lane lanes, GS-X pinsetters, and Frameworx furniture. After using Brunswick’s Vector Plus scoring for almost nine years, Dream-Bowl Palace is updating to Brunswick’s Sync™ scoring and management system.

“For us, Sync is the best option,” said Martin Knöbl, manager of Dream-Bowl Palace. “I like Sync’s marketing tool very much, as well as the various games. With so many different choices of games, bowlers will bowl longer and come more often.”

Dream-Bowl Palace has hosted the Brunswick Euro Challenge (BEC) games since 2013, and Brunswick recently renewed the centre’s contract through 2021.

“Most of the participants in the BEC are competing in tournaments all over the world,” said Knöbl. “They’re used to the most modern bowling centres. We want to keep up with the latest and best in the industry, so it is a ‘must-do’ to install Sync.”

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