Doors open at Abu Dhabi’s first inflatable waterpark

Aqua Fun, located on the Corniche, has opened in Abu Dhabi – the first of its kind in the country. The park boasts an obstacle course and slides, jumps, balloons, monkey bars and more, as well as a capacity for 250 guests. 

Aqua Fun’s inflatables spell out “I <3 AD”, similar to how its larger sister park in Dubai on The Beach reads as Dubai’s Tourism logo in pink, blue, and white.

“The good thing about the parks is that they provide an actual workout. You can burn an estimated 500-900 calories an hour, while you are having fun with your friends,” said Ben Chaibah, owner of Aqua Fun. “It’s a chance to be a kid again, and to let your own children see a different side of you.”

Chaibah also commented that Aqua Fun is proud to be opening in conjunction with The Mother of the Nation Festival, which runs from March 22 to 31.

Safety is a top concern for the park; guests are provided with life jackets, and seven lifeguards are on hand at their stations at all times.

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