DOF Robotics wins Attraction Star Award Winner

DOF Robotics, a developer of dynamic simulation attractions for the amusement industry, has announced that its latest innovation, the interactive VR game ’Defender: Light of Hope’ has won the Star Attraction award. The award was presented to DOF Robotics team during ATRAX show, the leading trade show in Turkey for the Entertainment, Park and Recreation sector on 14 February.

“Our team was honoured to received the prestigious Attraction Star award during ATRAX show’s final ceremony,” the company stated in a release. “We are honoured that our new attraction Defender has won this valuable award. It acknowledges our expertise and hard work to deliver the best VR amusements attractions to the world. And this is only the start. 2020 will mark the launch of new immersive attractions.”

‘Defender: Light of Hope’ is a 4-player interactive VR games where the team works together to protect their territory from aliens. It’s an immersive experience enhanced with the use guns, VR headsets and the powerful 6 DOF (degree of freedom) motion effect. The attraction is designed for entertainment venues such as shopping malls, FECs and theme parks.

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