DOF Robotics joins the fight against COVID-19

DOF Robotics, a leading producer of VR amusement attractions, motion simulators and VR games has started mass producing protection mask equipment (face shields) for healthcare workers in Istanbul for free, in an initiative to support the fight against COVID-19 outbreak in Turkey.

To support the fight against COVID 19, DOF Robotics has taken the initiative to direct all its efforts toward producing protection face masks for health workers in Turkey. This is solely a ‘non-profit’ effort by the company to provide support to their country during this pandemic and it has nothing to do with the core business at DOF Robotics.

“When the WHO advised self-isolation, our company was the first to adopt remote work for our employees to protect them and their loved ones. We took a very important decision to stop our production as well as all project installations. These are unusual times where all companies should change their approach on how to save their businesses. DOF Robotics’ approach to saving business starts with saving human lives” said Mustafa Mertcan, chairman of Dof Robotics.  “Our employees volunteered to produce protection masks for healthcare workers using 3D printers from their homes. I am extremely proud of their hard work to help during these unforeseen circumstances” 

 “Hospitals around the world are experiencing shortages of personal protective equipment (PPE) due to the COVID-19 outbreak and have shifted to using limited supplies multiple times to make up for the lack of resources. This is the reason why we have decided to start producing face shields using our production tools and materials”, explained Mirsat Satis, head of sales and marketing at Dof Robotics “A few days after we announced our initiative, we received hundreds of orders from hospitals around the country. And the number of orders is still climbing up every day. To meet the rapidly increasing demand, we are planning to increase our production capacity from 300 to 3000 weekly by teaming up with other companies that have 3D printers. We are happy that the high demand can be met with its expanding production and distribution network.”

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