Disney and Taipei City partner for Christmas light display

‘Christmasland in New Taipei City’, the biggest winter festival event in Taiwan, has been held for 10 consecutive years and has won numerous international recommendations. This year, in cooperation with The Walt Disney Company in Taiwan for the first time, ‘Christmasland in New Taipei City’ will put forth the theme of ‘Disney Fairytale World’.

This year, the range of the light zones has been extended to the Fuzhong Aesthetic Art Zone, where seven beautiful main light zones are set up for viewing.

The first of the seven, ‘Magic Bean, Magic Bean’, is a creation inspired by the fairy tale Jack and the Beanstalk. The second is the ‘Magic Forest’, composed of a bunch of giant mushroom-shaped installations. The third is ‘Light Talks’ in which giant dandelions reveal dreamy blue-purple light rays.

‘Boshou˙Light Park’ is a large-scale European-style architectural light gallery built with 100,000 pieces of LED lights. ‘Aurora in the Forest’ is designed around the concept of coexistence and interaction with the environment. The sixth is ‘Star of Fuzhong’, crafted with interweaving lines and lighting changes. Finally, the ‘Blossoming Flowers’ light area will feature approximately 4,000 bamboo pieces and over 3,000 artificial flowers to create a special light corridor reflecting a sea of sparkling lights.

Photo: Business Wire

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