Dinosaur-themed adventure course opens in Wolverhampton, UK

A custom-designed, all-weather outdoor adventure golf course has opened at Perton Park Golf Club, Wolverhampton, UK.

Covering a 4,500 square metre site, Wolverhampton Adventure Golf is a brand new, action-packed Jurassic golf course featuring 18 specially designed holes.

The course has been designed to suit ages four and up, and is designed to provide a perfect venue for children’s parties, family days out, corporate team building or a fun activity with friends.

Features include waterfalls, rapids, crashed cars, rapids and escaped raptors, with dinosaurs both big and small dinosaurs living amongst 1000 new plants. An eye-catching 20 foot T-Rex is featured alongside a Spinosaurus, which can be seen swimming in the lake. A family of raptors, a triceratops family, a Stegosaurus and an Anchisaurus are also included in the line up, along with plenty of dinosaur eggs which could hatch at any time.

Wolverhampton Adventure Golf also has a bar and restaurant for visitors to relax before or after a game.

Mark Allen, director of Wolverhampton Adventure Golf, told the Wolverhampton Express and Star: “We have built a large, prehistoric-themed adventure golf course based at Perton Golf Club. The site is about one acre and has 18 holes.

“We have got a seven-metre long T-Rex, stegosaurus, triceratops, waterfalls, rapids and velociraptors on Jeeps. It will be great family entertainment and will be suitable for all ages – not only children!

“”We wanted a way of bringing the youngsters into golf. We are a very welcoming club – we have a gym, a restaurant, driving range and the golf course already. So we thought it would be great to build an adventure golf course too.”

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