Digital Centre to showcase new photo booth software at AEI 2019

Digital Centre will be bringing its diverse range of LED photo booths to Las Vegas for the 2019 edition of the Amusements Expo International, May 27th-May 28th, and will also be showing visitors the enhancements of the New Software Britta v3.0.

The new features convert DC photo booths into products capable of generating income through alternative routes to classical photography. It is evident that the feature of “fun photos” is the main and, at the same time, most entertaining photo booth experience, but the new functions satisfy the needs of the users of a new virtual era.

First of all, there are three basic game modes of the photo booth that allow users play with Fun Photos, ID Passport approved photos for official documents and SmartPrint, which allows photos to be printed from a phone – all in one photo booth.

Secondly, the new Total Share feature allows users to share their photos through more than eight different digital platforms. Also available is the new Promotions feature, a system based on promoting seasonal designs or those customized by the owner with a first popup of claim, a system that keeps  the photo booth fresh with the latest trends activated instantly, and a changing photo booth that always offers news to users.

Finally, Digital Centre offers the new Printing Centre feature so that the owners have a real printing centre in their photo booth, easily printing the photos stored in any external device that is connected to the photo booth by means of a USB input.

Digital Centre will take its LED VideoWall photo booths to Las Vegas, so that visitors can appreciate the innovative technology applied in these photo booths, and discover in person the advantages of the innovative photo booths that have been highly praised by experts of the sector.

These photo booths have huge external VideoWalls capable of being seen at a great distance and capturing the attention of passers-by.

Visit Digital Centre at booth #1144 at the Amusement Expo International 2019 to find out more.

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