Dave & Busters to welcome world’s largest commercial VR attraction – featuring Jurrasic World!

VRstudios, a leading provider of commercial-grade, wireless, multi-player virtual reality (VR) turnkey solutions for Location-Based Entertainment businesses, has announced the deployment of their VRcade Attraction Management Platform to operate and manage the new Dave & Buster’s multi-player VR attraction platform, featuring Jurassic World.

AMP’s cloud-based architecture and enterprise features enable it to centrally manage and power the attraction at over 110 locations, making it the world’s largest deployment of commercial multi-player VR.

The AMP deployment is the result of a larger project between VRstudios and Dave & Buster’s. Working together from the inception of the new VR attraction project, VRstudios was entrusted to manage the sourcing and integration of all the key components of the attraction including the proprietary simulator, VR hardware, motion control software, content and management platform. In addition, the two companies continue to work together to produce additional content experiences for the custom system.

The Dave & Buster’s deployment benefits from the AMP strategy to deliver an enterprise-class management platform specifically designed for LBE operators, by integrating best-in-class hardware, software and commercial VR content, combined with multiple customizations to enable a turnkey solution, streamline the deployment and simplify the daily operations.

The local operator runs the attraction through a small tablet with touchscreen access to functionality locked to the profile of the specific employee. AMP’s enterprise employee management module also enables centralized tracking and logins for hundreds of employees across all the Dave & Buster’s locations.

“We are honored to be a trusted partner to Dave & Buster’s, the leading restaurant/entertainment complexes in North America,” said Kevin Vitale, VRstudios CEO. “Their new attraction is a breakthrough for extending commercial availability of true multI-player virtual reality to locations around the country. AMP enables the seamless integration of technology and content from best-in-class providers including Hewlett-Packard, HTC, Universal Studios and The Virtual Reality Company.”

The new Jurassic World VR Expedition will be available starting on June 14 at all Dave & Buster’s locations.

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