Creative Works installs new Electric Edging at mini golf course

Hamilton Lanes & Entertainment Center in Trenton, New Jersey, became the first set of mini golf courses to feature Creative Works’ Electric Edging.

Electric Edging is a patent-pending technology invented by Creative Works. This product is made of highly durable plastic composite material and is illuminated internally with LED lights. Electric Edging can be programmed to respond to triggers and DMX controls, making the course come to life in a way that’s never been done before.

Vijay Papaiya bought Hamilton Lanes, an existing bowling centre, with the intention of remodelling it and adding new attractions to diversify the entertainment. While researching his competitors in the area, he found a hole he could fill to gain a competitive advantage in the New Jersey family entertainment market.

“Mini golf is something new and none of the bowling centers that I’ve seen in the state of New Jersey has one,” Papaiya said.

While researching a variety of attractions on Creative Works’ website, Papaiya ultimately went with mini golf because it offered the best solution for a wide range of ages. “I like the concept of mini golf because it’s family oriented,” Papaiya said. “Anybody from age 1 through age 90 or 100 can play.”

Papaiya installed two courses, each with its own theme. One is an Egyptian adventure inspired by the aesthetics of Indiana Jones, and the other is inspired by the lush jungles of the Avatar movie. In addition, he brought the experience into the bowling concourse with detailed murals that get customers excited to play.

The hype is building around town as Papaiya plans to have a Grand Opening in the coming weeks.

“The mayor stopped by here and she couldn’t believe what she got in our township. Everybody in the town is very excited and can’t wait for it to open up soon.”

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