Creative Works installs new attractions at Cincinnati OMNI Funplex

A new 35,000 sq f OMNI Funplex family entertainment centre in Cincinnati, Ohio has contracted Creative Works to install multiple immersive attractions. The new centre includes laser tag and Hologate virtual reality.

Adding laser tag and Hologate was important to owner Hari Pisati because “It adds tech flavor to the FEC and VR is the latest trend and has buzz,” Pisati said.

The OMNI Funplex laser tag is a 3,552-square-foot, two-level arena with Delta Strike equipment that can accommodate up to 24 players. The Avatar-inspired theme features an interactive environment with large robots and energy gates as well as 20 targets that are integrated into the props. Players can tag these targets with their phasers to earn rewards or advance to the next stage in a story-driven game.

Players can also try their hand at Hologate VR; a four-player setup that features intense graphics with an open-air layout that allows spectators to watch the players and take in the action on the monitors.

“Creative Works has its processes nailed down to great detail,” said Pisati. “They followed up many times to see if my facility is ready and has checklists to make sure they come at the right time. Great sales and customer service throughout the installation and opening process.”

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