Embed creates seamless FEC experience for Apex customers

US-based FEC Apex Entertainment triples locations and expands offerings with Embed



Apex Entertainment is New England’s largest family entertainment centre, with several attractions that provide high-quality entertainment for thousands of its area residents year-round. Its flagship facility is located in Marlborough, Massachusetts, and currently holds the honour of being the largest FEC in New England. Joey Slawinski, director of operations, describes it as “80,000 square feet of pure fun.” 

With attractions including go-kart racing, laser tag, ropes course, bowling and arcade games, not to mention three bars and a full-service restaurant, Apex’s Marlborough location provides a superior guest experience for all age groups under one roof. Since opening in 2017, Apex Entertainment has launched two additional locations in New York – one in Syracuse and one in Albany.


A seamless, multi-location guest experience 

With a growing business and such a varied offering, it is vital for Apex to provide a seamless and consistent guest experience at each of its locations, while simultaneously meeting superior operating standards. This is why the New England-based FEC chain partnered Embed back in 2017. The worldwide leader in cashless business management systems and solutions for the amusement, entertainment and leisure industries worked with Apex to develop competitive solutions and offerings for their guests. Embed’s hardware and software solutions include kiosks, game card readers, game cards, point of sale machines, prize redemption system, and central games management software that connects games across multiple FECs. It’s all integrated by a business software that enables clear business visibility, tracking and reporting. 

According to Apex’s Slawinski, increased value from their investment in the Embed product suite occurred as Apex opened additional locations and it continues to build a seamless guest experience. 

“Embed solutions align with not only our game model, but also our company goals and the technological advancements we are looking to add to our locations in the future.” Slawinski said. 


Online ordering

The Apex Entertainment team is currently working on offering guests new methods of purchasing universal game cards that allow guests to register game cards and save player information at all locations. Guests can now order game cards without having to be physically at one of Apex’s locations through its online store, built with Embed’s open API. It’s easy for Apex to incorporate Embed’s software and customize it to meet the demands of their growing business because of integration through Embed’s API license. Embed houses all of the information regarding cards, customers and loyalty, and Apex now can easily analyse and implement features based off that data. 


A custom-tailored guest experience

After partnering with Embed, Apex has the ability to create a custom-tailored experience at each of its locations. Joey Slawinski describes the relationship with Embed as, “a partnership that Apex wants to grow with when looking towards the future and opening additional locations.” 

He’s excited for future projects such as Embed’s Mobile Wallet, that can be added to the Apple Wallet and Google Pay and used seamlessly to play games. Guests have immediate access to their balance information, ticket counts and more. Slawinski added, “There is no amount of money in the world that would have us switch. It’s a smart investment to partner with Embed, and we’re in it for the long-haul.”


If you’re interested in a success story of your own, or if you would like to speak to an Embed Reference and hear their story, email sales@embedcard.com today! You can also check-in at the Embed booth 406 at Amusement Expo. 

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