CORPUS heads to China

Currently situated in Leiden, CORPUS – an interactive experience where guests can take a journey through the entire human body – will expand into China next year.

Just like for CORPUS in the Netherlands, Lagotronics Projects is going to install all audiovisual and show control equipment for the CORPUS experience in Ma’anshan (near Nanjing, set to open in the summer of 2020), and forthcoming CORPUS experiences in other Chinese cities.

Billed as “A journey through the human body”, this attraction provides both education and entertainment through a combination of permanent and variable collections. It offers guests a unique experience where they find out exactly how the human body works, and how important “healthy living, responsible nutrition and plenty of exercise” are.

Henri Remmers, Founder of CORPUS and President of CORPUS World Wide, signed a license agreement together with the Chinese investment company a few months ago. “As in many countries of the world, health is an important issue that needs lots of attention in China. CORPUS China will contribute to improving public health” says Remmers.

Mark Beumers, CEO Lagotronics Projects, adds: “Just like the Dutch Experience Center, CORPUS China will be a surprising and educative journey through the human body for all ages! We’re proud that our technical equipment makes this interesting journey an even more impressive experience!”

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